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Water Service Information


The Water Authority provides the essential services of extraction, treatment, distribution and sale of water for residential, commercial, industrial and public and private fire water protection purposes. The source of the water supply is from underground water aquifers.

Water Quality

Water provided to our customers has met and continues to meet all drinking water standards established by the Federal and state governments. Our mission is to satisfy customer expectations for high quality, reliable water service provided in a responsive and efficient manner at the lowest reasonable price.

Water quality monitoring of all public supply wells and treated water in the distribution system is performed routinely in accordance with requirements of the Nassau County Department of Health.

Water samples are analyzed for the presence of bacteria, inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, synthetic organic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

Sample analysis is performed by certified laboratories and copies of all sample results are provided to the Nassau County Department of Health.

Water Treatment 

All water is treated with chlorine prior to distribution. Sodium hydroxide is added to neutralize the naturally acidic water found in the Long Island aquifers.

Well water at five wells is also treated with zinc metaphosphate to sequester iron which occurs naturally in raw water. All other wells are treated with zinc orthophosphate as a corrosion inhibitor treatment.

Additionally, eleven wells are treated by Packed Tower Aeration for the removal of volatile organics.

1580 Union Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040-1762
Phone: (516) 327-4100 | Fax: (516) 327-4132
Public Water Supply Identification No. NY2902830
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