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Equipment Information

Equipment Ownership 

The distribution system is owned, monitored and maintained by the Water Authority up to your property line.

The Water Authority also owns and maintains the domestic water meter subject to the provisions indicated in the Rights & Responsibilities brochure.

The customer owns and maintains the water meter installed on a fire protection service.

Curb Box / Curb Stop

This valve is to be operated by Water Authority personnel only.

The curb box, containing the curb stop valve is located between the water main and your property line. In the event of an emergency or where repairs are required, the curb valve is used by Water Authority personnel to shut off the water supply.

Customers are required to keep the curb box cover visible at all times. Paving over the curb valve with concrete or asphalt or covering it with grass or planting is strictly prohibited.

Cross Connections and Backflow Prevention Devices

A cross connection is an actual or potential connection between the drinking water piping system and any other nonpotable piping system in an equipped home or business which can pose a hazard to the public drinking water supply.

At a cross connection, if the normal flow of water is reversed, contamination can flow through the plumbing back into the water main and out to neighboring homes and businesses.

In a residence, various sources of contamination could include:

  • A private well
  • An underground lawn sprinkler system
  • A solar heating system

A cross connection can also occur if water is used for any purpose other than normal household use such as:

  • Chemical dispensers
  • Film development
  • Medical or Dental practice

Meter Devices

Use the following links for references on meters:


Typical 5/8" to 1" Water Meter Typical 1-1/2" Water Meter
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