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Our source of water supply are the vast groundwater aquifers beneath Long Island.

The Glacial aquifer contains the newest water to the groundwater system and is primarily comprised of sand and clay. The Water Authority has 6 wells drawing water from this aquifer, which range in depth from 87 to 150 feet.

The Magothy aquifer is the largest of the three formations and holds the most water, much of which is hundreds of years old. Coarse sand and gravel within this formation enhances its water bearing capabilities. The Water Authority has 17 wells drawing water from this aquifer, which range in depth from 296 to 516 feet.

The Lloyd aquifer is made of fine to coarse quartzose sand and gravel interbedded with layers of clay and contains the oldest water, some of which has been in the aquifer system for more than 5,000 years. The Water Authority has only one well drawing water from this aquifer which has a depth of 722 feet.

Source of Water

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