Customer Deposits

The Water Authority requires a deposit on all customer accounts in the amounts indicated below. This deposit can be paid at the time of application for service.

Residential Water Service Deposits

 Owner-occupied locations billed to the owner$50.00*
 Non-owner-occupied locations billed to the occupant$200.00*

Commercial Water Service Deposits

Billed to the owner or occupant$200.00*

*Deposit amounts are required for each service location billed.

An additional deposit in the amount of $50.00 shall be required on each account where service has been discontinued due to non-payment. This additional deposit will be applied for each occurrence of service discontinuance.

Interest earned on deposits will be applied on a monthly basis at a rate equal to the amount earned in the Water Authority's refund account. Each deposit, together with any accrued interest, shall be refunded to the customer (net of any balance due the Water Authority) upon termination of the account.