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Monday, July 28, 2014
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10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

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Service Notice, July 11, 2014
Due to a motor failure in one of our well stations, customers in the northeast area of our territory may experience lower than normal water pressure while the equipment is being repaired. 

Customers may have experienced instances of discolored water as other wells began to compensate with additional supply, but no further instances are expected at this time.

In order to minimize any further effects of this change, the Water Authority has postponed flushing schedule over the next week.

There are no health risks associated with discolored water, as the particulate matter causing the discoloration is simply iron and manganese oxides, and are not harmful. If you experience this problem, the easiest way to eliminate the discolored water from your system is to run as many cold water faucets, including bath tubs, sinks, and outside spigots, as possible at the same time. This will create a high enough flow rate from the water main to your home to clear out any sediment which may have found its way into your service line. If the problem does not clear up within a few minutes, it is possible that the sediment in the water main has not settled out yet. In this case, wait an hour or so and try it again.

If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Department at (516) 327-4100.
Zoe Chemical Site

News12 is running a story on the contamination of the ground and water supply from chemicals that have leached into the ground from Zoe Chemical.

The Water Authority has been treating the water supply for the well located next to the Zoe Chemical site since the late 1980s. The chemicals that are in the well's raw water are Trichloroethene and Tetrachloroethene. There are no other chemicals detected in the raw water.

The Water Authority has a treatment plant that removes these chemicals from the water. After treatment there are no detections of any chemicals in the water.

The water that is supplied to our customers is the treated water which is safe and meets all federal, state and local regulations.

The DEC will be doing further investigation of the site and they will cleanup the Zoe Chemical site if required.

Water Main Replacement - Garden City

Water Main Replacement - Greenridge Avenue


As part of its continuing effort to improve water service for domestic use and fire protection, the Water Authority of Western Nassau County (the "Water Authority") is replacing approximately 1,000 feet of 100-year old unlined cast iron 6-inch water main with new 6-inch cement-mortar lined, ductile iron pipe for the entire length of Greenridge Avenue and Hawthorne Road between Hathaway Drive and Colonial Road in Garden City. Also included in this project is the complete replacement of all water services from the new water mains to the property lines, and all fire hydrants.

Click Here for complete information on this project.

Flushing Update

The Water Authority began main flushing in New Hyde Park on Monday, June 09, 2014.
Flushing will be performed Sunday through Thursday nights between the hours of 11 P.M. & 7 A.M. in the following areas:

Section # 1 - COMPLETED
From: Maple Drive to Plaza Avenue
Between: New Hyde Park Road & Denton Avenue

Section # 2 - IN PROGRESS
From: Hillside Avenue south to 2nd Avenue
Between: Lakeville Road/S. 9th Street and New Hyde Park Road.
This area will commence on or about June 23, 2014.

Section # 3
From: Soma Street south to Hillside Avenue
Between: Lakeville Road & New Hyde Park Road
We expect to begin in this area on Tuesday, July 8th P.M. through Wednesday A.M.
This section will take approximately one to one and one half weeks to complete

 Click Here for more information and a map of the flushing areas .

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